Looking for a way out of my house

My wife and I bought our first house in march and I hate it. I hate the house, I hate the yard, the block and the neighborhood. I can't wait to sell it and get out of here.

the only good thing about it is that supposedly this neighborhood is up-and-coming, so unless the market tanks or the two trashy apartment buildings on our block don't get even trashier, I would expect some good equity from the house.

however, between the mortgage, the loan from a family member who gave us the down payment and all of the shit that needs to get fixed or improved, as well as the groceries, day care, insurance, etc., that we were already paying before we made this stupid fucking mistake, there is no more money in our budget to save for another down payment.

so I think waiting and saving to buy a new house several years from now is out of the question. we can't afford it and I won't make it. I can't get any sleep here, between the worries about the crime in the area and all of the shut we have to do to fix the house but can't pay for.

I need to find a way for us to get out quick. I know we could sell but that's too costly to do so quickly. does anyone know a way to get out of a house and a mortgage?

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