REALTOR QUESTION: Three of my neighbors homes are for sale. I spend a lot of time outside and the showings are very awkward. Should I go inside, ignore them, or be friendly? [MD]

I don't think this is location specific other than we live in a rural sub development of single family homes on small lots. My next door neighbors are only 15ft from my house and both of their homes are on the market, along with the home diagonal from me. It's a very small town community where the neighbors know each other. The houses are very small so as long as it's not raining or freezing my family (three boys 8, 7, and 1 and two large dogs) prefers to be out in the yard. We're usually out in pj's, swimsuits, and the baby runs around in a diaper. After the kids go to bed I like to sit on my porch and smoke and drink. It sounds trashy but like I said, everyone knows each other, I work like crazy and when I'm home I JUST WANT TO RELAX, MAN.

These homes have been on the market since March, April, and May respectively- they're priced very competitively and based on what I've seen come and go on Zillow, they should have sold by now. They all get a lot of showings on weekends. There's always someone peeking over my fence from the neighbors deck- I try to always get the dogs inside so they're not freaking out barking at them but the kids are running around like maniacs and I'm in jammies with a beer. We keep our yard relatively neat (grass cut, no garbage or broken stuff) but the yard is absolutely covered in kid toys, there's always beach towels hanging off a railing, etc.

I really don't want to change anything about our life, but my neighbors all REALLY need to sell their homes and I don't want to be the reason they can't sell. But my family's shenanigans is nowhere near as awful as a downside as the house across the street (see link for pic). I've watched people come out of my neighbors house and tell their realtor "omg I love the kitchen!" And then turn around and see "red house" and frown dramatically.

I just want to help my neighbors sell their houses (or at least not impede a sale!) since the homes are gonna be such a tough sell because of the junk yard across the street. Is there some kind of rules on behavior when your neighbors are getting multiple showings a day and you just want to live your damn life? Thanks!!!

red house that makes buyers sad

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