Have you ever wondered if anything bad happened in your house?

I'm thinking of buying a house (actually, an apartment unit with a doorman because I'm a single female and it feels safer), and maybe I'm paranoid but I'm really curious about the following question.

What if there was a murder or something equally creepy in my unit? I guess what I don't know can't hurt me, but what if some neighbour decides to come to me and tells me about what happened in the house 50 years ago one day? I think I'd be traumatized and want to move asap.

Quick search on the internet says that sometimes you can find out this info by simply googling your address, but what if I want to buy an apartment unit, which makes this process way harder? I think most states don't have any law requiring the seller to disclose this kind of information, and it kind of turns me off from house hunting, frankly…

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