Having landlord issues – Please help!

We are having an issue with our landlord.

We had arranged to take over a place after a month of a house being empty and renovated. During this time, the gas and electricity was disconnected and we were made to pay and wait on both technicians to reconnect (~300$ + 2 days lost). A list of deficiencies which the landlord said would be addressed were largely left undone. These deficiencies make the house a very difficult place to clean. The house was very filthy, we have already spent 40 hours just cleaning and making the place habitable. We are still dealing with a significant pest problem.

We brought up additional issues with the landlord once we moved in and saw the wretched condition of the place. He agreed to meet very few of these requests and at that meeting he told us that he would not be helping us with any of the original deficiencies that he indicated (in writing) would have been addressed in advance of the first of the month, when we moved in.

He indicated that he would reimburse us for expenditures for permanent fixtures at the property, however, would not offer a cent for labor. Intensive labor will be required to bring this place up to snuff.

The man is generally a nice guy and we don’t want to screw him over. We just didn’t intend to move into a fixer-upper, that’s not how he marketed the rental and we aren’t getting any discount. Is there anyone out there who’s knowledgeable of Albuquerque or New Mexico regulation on tenant/landlord relations and what he is required to provide us. We are having incredible difficulty reasoning with him and we are tired of his excuses of ‘that’s how things go’. We are also tired of the dishonesty and condescension, please let us know what is best in moving forward.

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