Buying an investment house. House is brand new, already built, and 99% finished. The listing says they will put in a covered deck and back lawn. I told my realtor to put that in the contract and was told no because of the lending. Is this true?

Builder is building 6 houses side by side. This is the first house completed out of the 6 houses. Right now 4 houses are built through different stages of finishing. The backyards for all are just dirt and there is no deck on the one we are buying. Everything else in the house we are buying is complete. My realtor was unable to get ahold of the listing agent about if a deck and backyard landscaping would be included. We decided to put in an offer without hearing back and it was countered because the builder didn't want to pay an closing costs. My realtor also received an email from the listing agent that the backyard would be leveled and hydroseeded and a deck would be provided and if the client wants to put that in the contract that is fine.

I told my realtor to put it in the contract before we sign the counter offer and my realtor said we can't because of lending and to just sign it and we can work it in there later.

Any truth to this?

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