I am not sure when a flaw in the foundation is considered a problem. My house has some subtle shifting.

My house has the garage directly under the second floor. The back wall of the garage seems to have pushed up on the second floor enough to have a 1×2 foot raised area that you can feel under the carpet if you are paying attention. I did not notice this until I walked to and from my room a bunch while moving things in. If I had to ballpark it, I would guess it is raised up by a quarter inch or a half inch. The length of the raised section may be longer than 2 feet, but a wall upstairs makes it awkward to feel past the dimensions that I described. There are no cracks in the walls or anything because the house was painted/touched up before I moved in. I went downstairs and looked very closely at the interior side of the garage wall in question and found they had touched up the paint right where a crack would have showed up from the shifting.

The house was built in 1971 and has a sump and a french drain.

Is this shift in the foundation a huge red flag? Do you need more details to give me advice on this? I had a structural engineer come to the house before I bought it and he did not notice this flaw at all. He talked to me about much more obvious things in the house, so I am fully confident he missed this issue.

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