I’m a deadbeat landlord. Tenants want a discount…

I inherited a nice rental property from my grandparents when my grandfather passed away a little over a year ago. I collect $2000 per month in rent. I have also been the worst landlord ever. I've developed a social phobia and cannot answer the phone when my tenants call. I have developed some serious mental health issues that many would call "crazy."

This has meant that they have been left to fend for themselves, contributing their time and money to maintaining the property so that the neighbors don't complain. They've handled stuff like mowing the lawn, watering flowers, raking leaves in tiny yard (not many leaves so only required once yearly), and calling a plumber to unclog toilet and replace broken disposal.

They are pissed and asking me for a $4000 discount off of next year's lease. I appreciate the work they have done for me and would gladly reimburse them for their out of pocket costs. But do you think $4000 is fair?

I don't want to lose them as tenants because I don't want the additional stress of finding new tenants. Although the property is nice and in a great location (median home price is $868K) so it would rent quickly. And I would be able to increase the rent by a couple hundred. But my current tenants are also super nice people who I and the neighbors love.

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