My parents would like to sell their home what can they expect to spend financially through this process?

We are going to be doing research together but just want a very basic understanding from people with more knowledge first. We are planning for every personal expense not just the house.

So far we know we have to cover:

Moving Costs ( renting a truck or movers)

Home Repairs

Down Payment for new home

Lawyer? ( Not sure if this is mandatory my research would suggest one)

That's what I can think of so far. The house was bought 5 years ago and naturally they haven't payed off the mortgage, just thought I'd mention that in case it plays a role in costs.

I look forward to everyone's advice. Sorry if I sound ignorant on the issue i'm not very educated on it and the reading I've done so far is basic and still hard to comprehend.

More real estate tips at Program Realty Wix site


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