Landlord trying to evict me because my roommate was drumming on a drum pad during the day this weekend (Los Angeles)

So this is the continuation of a saga of posts that I've made here. Really need you guys' help! Got a call today from my landlord that the neighbors downstairs complained about drumming coming from my apartment this weekend (I haven't been home, my roommate who is a drummer has been home), and that he has to evict us. I called my roommate and he was rehearsing for a show with a friend, during the day on a small drum pad like this:

He was being mindful of the time and he wasn't playing very loud. This is the second time the landlord has contacted us about noise. The first time is detailed in Post #2 below. The landlord says we have to leave in 3 days, which sounds totally ridiculous to me. I've contacted HCIDLA and am waiting to hear back from them, and I've contacted the LA Tenants Union and I'm waiting to hear back form them. I called the police department and they said that there is no decibel or time requirement for noise to be considered a nuisance…only when it disturbs someone else. Really need advice! I would hate for this saga to end with us getting evicted and screwed out of a lot of money. Come through for me Reddit!

Post #2:

Post #1:

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