Looking to rent a parking space

Looking to rent a parking space near Brooklyn College. I will pay cash monthly or whatever payment. If you know anybody that has a driveway, garage. Please let me know

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Deposit with an offer?

We are in the process of buying a cottage. We do not have a real estate agent working on our behalf, as we are not selling our current home. We're paying cash for the cottage, so no mortgage…. would I still give the seller a deposit under these circumstances? Sorry if this is a silly question, despite having purchased two homes already I'm really bad at this stuff. If a deposit is necessary what would be an appropriate amount on a $250,000 offer?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Property is being purchased in Ontario, Canada

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Realtors: Is it frowned upon to use 2 different agents?

My husband bought our condo (before I came along) from a local realtor. We used this same realtor a few years back when we had the condo on the marked but some major life events came along and we had to take it off the market after a few months. Now, a few years later, we are getting close to putting it back on and would like to use the same agent as the selling agent as he knows the area/comps very well and has sold several units in our complex identical to ours for good prices. Although I am on board with using him to sell our unit, I am not a big fan of using him for a buying agent for our next home. He has shown us a few homes in the past and he really doesn't listen to what we want/need in a home. (My husband is disabled and he showed us homes with no downstairs bedrooms/bathrooms). Would it be totally wrong to use him to sell our condo but then find another agent to help us buy our new home?

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Has anyone seen a 2/3 story townhome with attached garage have a bedroom on main floor?

I sell 3 story townhomes with the garage and entrance on the ground floor, kitchen/living room on second floor and bedrooms on third floor. I have been getting a lot of interest from retirees in our product but it has too many stairs. One person just mentioned to me they saw a townhome with a bedroom on a main floor.

Have you guys seen anything like this? I'm looking for something to show my builder so they can maybe come up with something?

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Our realtor won’t take anybody off of lease for home we’re renting

So we're in this situation where a niece is representing her aunt in renting out a house. Our rent goes to the aunt, but we're supposed to go to the niece with any problems we're having.

Generally, she's been difficult to deal with. She seems to be a perfectly nice person, but she doesn't respond to our e-mails in any timely manner. She rarely even responds to the right person. She never contacts us to come and see the problem; instead, she shows up randomly and without warning and most of the time we're not even home.

So people have moved out and others have moved in, and I'd really like to have the lease reflect this. Mostly because I may want to move out before the lease is up and want to make sure I'm not on the hook for anything, so I'm essentially doing a trial run. She says she won't take anybody off the lease, but will add people. This doesn't seem like a good idea.

Should I be concerned? Should I go around her to the actual land lord with my complaints? I'm supposed to say we're in Maryland or something?

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Buying and Rending out Mobile Home in Collegetown with a Housing Shortage

Hi, I live in Davis, CA and there is an absolute shortage of homes for students! it's a small town and year after year, the university accepts more and more students. Before I graduated in 2016, I was paying $2000 for a 3 bedroom town home.

I found this mobile home for $74k and thought I could rent it out for at least $1800 a month $800 for master and $500 for the other room: https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/24-Erma-Ln-Davis-CA-95618/16540584_zpid/

Or this one for $40k renting it out for $1,300/month: https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/100-Lyle-Way-100-Davis-CA-95618/2093195529_zpid/

I make $40k/year have $48k in savings and no debt.

Is this a good idea? Is it this simple? Not sure what the rent/HOA fees are but I see myself making a good profit from the 3 bedroom one.

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[NYC] 421a Tax Abatement in Contract


I'm in contract currently, with the condo finishing up and ready for occupancy next year– they said that they're anticipating a 421a tax abatement (25 years), but they won't know until it's done– it was a huge selling point for us. I pushed a bit on it and the seller's real estate agent told me that she's never seen a qualifying tax abated property not go live with it.

2 questions: 1.) where can I see the development of this tax abatement? 2.) if it's not explicitly stated that if there is no tax abatement, we can walk away in our offering contract, can we get out scotch free?

thank you for anyone with any knowledge!

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Legality/safety of renting out basement bedroom

I have a single-family home, in Chicago. I want to rent out a bedroom in the (finished) basement. The previous owners had someone in that bedroom before, but they were all family members. I want to make sure it would be safe and legal to rent this room out.

Details – basement has laundry room, bathroom, a couple of closets, and one large open space that would be the bedroom. This open space has a medium-sized window. There is a hallway from the open space to both an interior stairwell, and an exterior door. There are no doors between the open space and the stairs/exterior door, just that hallway.

I know the exterior door has a standard deadbolt (that you can turn without using a key.) I have to double-check on the window size. I will also make sure there is a smoke alarm and a carbon monoxide detector on that level.

I would NOT be renting this as a separate apartment, just as a bedroom in my home.

Does this sound like it's up to fire code?


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