A few annoying things with Redfin

I've noticed a couple of things that are kind of misleading. The sq. footage at the top of the listing includes below grade space. So, at first glance, it may look like a house is 3000 sq. ft, when in reality, it has a 1000 sq. ft. in the basement, and it's only 2000.

Another thing is, they don't seem to show the price history. If someone bought a house for $100K and is trying to sell it for $250K, that's something I'd like to know. This was the same house on RedFin and Zillow:


Other than that, I like the site. Listings are more up to date than Zillow, and it's free, so I guess I get what I pay for.

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Any advice on getting an apartment for rent that we want?

We finally found something we really like. All of our paperwork is in order so the realtor had copies of everything that they asked for within an hour. We are decent people and have outstanding credit scores, credit history and income. Our situation allows us to move by the end of this month so we just want to get on with it.

What can we do to make sure we don't screw up the first impression we give to the realtor and owner? How can we help ourselves in getting this apartment?

I'm not sure if this makes a difference but the apartment is in an outer borough of NYC.

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Seller left an airplane in building on property after closing

I closed on a property that has an airplane hangar on it yesterday. I visited last night to grab the keys that the seller left outside for me. When I went inside I was surprised to see that the guy's plane was still in the hangar.

I understand the rules for personal property left after closing, but this is an airworthy and quite expensive plane. Seeing as we did close, I'm planning on having a locksmith come to change the locks, but how do I handle a situation where a plane was left beyond calling to ask when he's planning on flying it out?

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Need new management

I moved out of North Carolina and 5 years later I was able to see my rental property. I visited my neighbors as a reason to see my house. Looks good outside.

Spoke to my neighbors and they like the tenants. They offered to introduce me to the tenants. I knew I shouldn't but they welcomed me into their home and I was amazed how well the house looked.

Turns out they've had a few issues with the house that I had no idea of. They needed a new stove and fridge. Stove had paint chipping off and the fridge was extremely outdated. The managenent told them they'll have to wait. So they ended up buying a new stove and fridge.

I find this extremely unacceptable. I told them I'll pay for the appliances and they agreed to leave them whenever they move. They also asked management to pressure wash the outside which they refused.

My shed is rotting and the tenants were told by management to pay to get it fixed and then they'll reimburse them which again I find unacceptable.

To make things worse I had to find out by my neighbors that police raided my house due to last tenants.

Bascially I want either new management or handle it myself. I pay 10% of my mortgage for them to screen tenants and make sure my house is being taking care of. Can I get rid of management and pay that month 10% or do I have to wait until the contract is over?

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(CA) Final steps of closing but encountered issues

My brother and I inherited 50% of this property(fully paid but we're also not on title yet) and my brother is refinancing a loan to buy out my uncle's other 50%.

I'm 2.5 yrs into Chapter 13 and my SSN had a hit so escrow needed approval from the attorney to close which the attorney provided. However escrow also CC'd the loan officer which spooked him and it is now in limbo till he figures out what to do. Does anyone know what this situation entails?

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Worried FHA Won’t Approve Property Because Of Commercial Aspects

[Chicagoland] My Husband and I are in the process of trying to buy a property that will be used as our primary residence. The building used to be a creative arts school. Before it was a school, it was a small neighborhood grocery store. It's already been zoned as R-1.

Our loan officer is entirely convinced that an FHA Appraiser won't approve the property because it will have more than 25% commercial floor space, due to an art studio/workshop addition, the fact that a large percentage of the 'yard' is concrete, and the small (about 7 sqft) concrete loading dock that connects to double doors. Everything I've found on the subject has only referenced Mixed-Use property that actually has commercial use. Since the property is now purely residential, I can't understand why this guideline would even matter.

Does anyone have any insight on this situation?

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HOA Bylaws and rules PRIOR to making an offer? (AK)

We made an offer on a condo about 3 weeks ago, it was accepted, and we've gone through the home inspection and just got the resale certificate and the HOA bylaws/house rules. Long story short: bylaws say no dogs, we have a dog. So we (likely) will not be purchasing this condo after all.

My question: Will my agent be able to get the HOA rules BEFORE making an offer? Or BEFORE we spend $400 on an inspection? We specifically asked about dogs and it was on our "MUST HAVE, NO EXCEPTIONS" list… but I don't want to put another offer out there and then find out no dogs again.

Thoughts? Input?

Edit: I'm also assuming there is no way for us to get the money we spent on the home inspection back?


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