Firs time home renter trying to rent outside of San Diego with 4 colleagues. Looking for advice from landlords.

Hey all. My colleagues and I are trying to move to California, specifically outside of the San Diego Area. We're all relatively young (22) and none of us have rented homes before. I've rented an apartment in the past, but I was younger and had a co signer then.

These are our circumstances and my questions:

• Between the 5 of us two of us have great credit scores as well as three of us having past proof of rent and past proof of income. Will we be able to present the best of our credentials as a group or will we be looked at individually?

• Currently, we all work online and have no traditional proof of income. How can we make this work in our favor? What steps can we take to make a landlord feel more secure in renting out to us?

• As a form of incentive, each of us are able to pay the first three months rent up front. Will this be enough to give the landlord a certain degree of reassurance or will we need more than this?

• Does the fact that we're moving from out of state make any significant difference and why?

• If all of this isn't enough, what can we do to increase our odds/chances. We are determined to make it out west and are open to any and all suggestions.

Thank you for reading and any advice is certainly appreciated.

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