Please help! Which mortgage loan option is the best fit for us?

Hi guys,

My boyfriend and I are first time home buyers. We found a condo we like, however plan to only stay in it for 3-4 years. Rent in our area is just a couple hundred less per month than if we decided to purchase this condo (we live in Socal). So we figured it'd be better to buy than rent. We are thinking about going with mortgage loan option 6 below, but would love to get some feedback. We've already asked our lender, families, and friends but would love to get your advice too!

We are doing conventional 30 year fix with 10% down. The loan amount would be $288,000.

Borrower Paid Mortgage Insurance Options (have to pay MI):

1) Interest rate: 3.75% PITI (total payment/month): $2,077 (this includes $72 MI, $333 Prop Tax, $40 Insurance, and $298 HOA) Closing costs: $7,579

2) Interest rate: 3.875% PITI (total payment/month): $2,098 Closing costs: $5,618

3) Interest rate: 4.0% PITI (total payment/month): $2,118 Closing costs: $3,867

Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance Options (don't have to pay MI, but higher interest rates):

4) Interest rate: 4.0% PITI (total payment/month) $2,046 Closing Cost: $6,747

5) Interest rate: 4.125% PITI (total payment/month): $2,067 Closing cost: $5,079

6) Interest rate: 4.25% PITI (total payment/month) $2,088 Closing cost: $3,216

TL;DR: Which mortgage loan option above is the best fit? Planning on staying for 3-4 years. Lower interest rates, but have higher closing costs? Or higher interest rates, but have lower closing costs? In addition, the absolute lowest rates would have MI attached to them.

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