Sold in (NC) and title company didn’t disperse funds, now being sued by HUD – please help

Hi, I hope this is the right subreddit. I am going to crosspost to mortgages as well.

In 2012, we applied for a modification on our home loan after I became disabled. This placed a lien on our mortgage (which was through Bank of America) through HUD. In October of 2016, we sold this home (in NC) and this lien (approx 11k with interest) was included in the financing and paid by us at closing to the attorney's office. The total payoff amount was then sent to Bank of America and included the lien payment which was meant to go to HUD.

Several months later, my husband received a Notice of Disclosure of Debt from HUD.

This has progressed rapidly. As of now, my husband's wages are being garnished (which will bankrupt us) and his credit score has dropped to under 600 (from 800.) We have contacted HUD, the title company, Bank of America, the original law office, as well as the Attorney General's offices in NC and Virginia (where we now live.)

Literally every source has come back with, huh, yeah, it looks like you did everything you could. No idea what went wrong but the title company and/or Bank of America didn't disburse the funds properly.

We met with an attorney who said he would take the case at $275 an hour but that he doubts anything will come of it. He said it was futile to fight BofA. We don't have any extra money.

Does anyone, any where, have any other ideas on who we can talk to or even what type of lawyer might be more helpful? I would appreciate it so much.

edit: spelled disbursement wrong

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