Help deciding between two models

Hello! In WA but not sure if location matters as this is just more of a general real estate value question.

I'm looking at two different house plans to build on my own lot. They are modular (not manufactured). And after the changes I've made will run the same amount.

Anyways, I'm having trouble deciding between the two. I'm wondering if you think one would resell better over the other or appraise more. I'm not looking for numbers but more of a general since one is two stories, one only has two bath etc.

Ive heard one story houses appraise a tiny bit more because some people can't have two story but no one can't have a one story? But since the masters are both on the main floor I don't know if it matters.

We plan on this being our forever home (or a tiny least a 30 plus year home).

I'll list the stats and links to the layout pictures for both.

House A:

2271 SqFt

2 Stories- Master on Main

4 bedrooms

2.5 Bath


2 car garage

House B:

2391 SqFt

1 Story

4 Bedrooms

2 Bath


Small covered back porch

3 car garage

More real estate tips at Program Realty Wix site


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