Looking for Home Inspector software.

Hi, I'm sorry if this post doesn't belong here. There isn't a specific sub for home inspectors, and I felt there would be more in the industry over here than in the entrepreneur sub. My dad is in the process of being licensed as a home inspector and starting his own business, and I'm helping him out with the tech end of things.

He's at the point where he needs a dedicated software program. His instructor recommended something called InspectorFX, which I helped him install and it looks like it hasn't been updated much if at all since the 90's. I've had nothing but issues with trying to convert reports to PDF in it (specifically, it makes you save each individual page as a separate PDF file which is cumbersome and time consuming when each report is 32 pages long and would need to be manually merged into one PDF file).

The only feature I believe he really needs is report generation. I don't know enough about the business to know specifically why, but I have seen other HI's on here commenting about HI software being part of the expense of the job, so I assume it's necessary beyond generating PDFs. I do know he's looking for something in the range of $50/mo. or less for the software.

If anyone could point me in the right direction, either towards software or perhaps a better place to post this for help, it'd mean the world! I'm super pumped for my dad's new endeavor and want to help set him up for success.

Edit per bot: we are in Ohio.

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