Second thoughts on home: seller declared bankruptcy and wants to rent basement

I found a home in Northern Virginia that needs a bit of work, however, is ideal in terms of size, location, and price. I contacted the listing agent and was asked if I would be OK with the seller "renting while repairs are being done on the home." I was perplexed why the seller would want to continue with repairs after handing over the home and thus, did not give a definitive yes/no response. In a follow-up email I learned that the seller has declared bankruptcy to prevent the house from being foreclosed and would prefer (not a must) to rent the basement, which is different from the original story of renting the house (and I assumed the whole house) and now has me second guessing. I've heard of the horror stories about the seller renting and my parents experienced such a horror story with their 1st home purchase. Any advice here?

I'll be arranging to tour two weeks down the road. I currently don't have a buyer's agent and was hoping that I didn't need to get one, but now I'm wondering if I should. At this point, I don't want the listing agent to show me the home. Can I get the homeowner to directly show me the home?

Edit: Included location

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