Last week my wife and I mailed out a letter to the owner of an empty house. I provided my email and phone number. What’s your best advice if they contact us?

A little background.

My wife and I are looking for a house. My father has offered to buy a fixer upper, finance the repairs and remodel we want, and then sell it to us for cost of everything.

There aren't a lot of properties for sale that fit what we want right now. So we decided to contact the owners of a couple empty houses. This house has sat empty since at least 2012. I'm pretty confident it is fully owned by an individual. Online county records only go back to 1992 and that's when the first transaction on the house is listed. I live in Iowa and the house hasn't gotten a Homestead Credit since 2012. That's why I know it hasn't been lived in, besides just driving by and seeing the yard overgrowth.

Anyways, we mailed a letter last week to the owner, country records show an address in Idaho. We said we loved the outside of the house and charm it has. My grandparents lived half a block away and that is why we are familiar with the house. Wanted to know if they were interested in selling it.

I've seen many topics on here about people doing this but it is always just advice on what to put into the letter and what to say and not say. Not much about how to handle the owner contacting you back.

So those that have successfully contacted a homeowner about selling a house that isn't on the market, how'd you handle it after they contacted you?

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