Repairs identified by inspection – what does the buyer typically cover vs. the seller? (CO)

We had our general inspection recently. As context… this is a fairly expensive house in the market – maybe considered "luxury".

Trying to decide what we ask the seller to repair / cover vs. what we handle ourselves. Thinking that we (as the buyer) cover small stuff, items that are more maintenance oriented, items that are recent code issues. The seller to cover more significant defects or breakages.

I know this is just the starting point for negotiations, but curious if anyone had opinions on this as a starting point.

Seller to cover:

  • Broken oven broiler
  • Adding air intake to basement utility room
  • Repairing loose stones on exterior columns
  • Seal cracks in an exterior stone staircase
  • Repair crushed sprinkler control box in yard
  • Repair several holes in the stucco siding
  • Repair loose / damaged eaves
  • Re-route several gutters to avoid pooling next to house

Buyer to cover (maintenance):

  • Re-stain & water seal the deck
  • Replace the 15yr old water heater
  • Upgrade attic insulation & ventilation to meet code
  • Paint several spots on the exterior that are peeling

Buyer to cover (minor):

  • Fix a few doors that don't close properly
  • Re-grout the gaps around the tub
  • Repair loose weather stripping around windows
  • Fix leaking water pipe under a sink or two
  • Fix a few broken tiles in the kitchen

This is not a comprehensive list (there are another dozen smaller items), but does this seem like standard practice? Anything people would typically move between the three buckets above?

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