Should I have a separate bank account for each rent desposit(and also where the mortgage grabs it from) in addition to having a separate security deposit account?

Currently I have 3 houses. I have 2 bank accounts per house ( makes it dumb easy to spend 2 minutes and open a new savings account, and nickname it. One account is where I store the tenant's security deposit(which is legally required I think to have a separate account you never use?) and one is for their auto-deposited rent, which is also where the mortgage auto-grabs from.

I was thinking this may get super annoying once I have 5, 10, 15 properties. Should I just pool all my rent into one account, and pull all my mortgages from that one account? is there any advantage to separating it all out? I suppose it's easier to tell how much each house is making, but I already have a spreadsheet that tells me that pretty easily.

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