[CA] Need Advice on Purchasing a New Home With or Without Upgrades

The home I'm buying has current upgrades that are about 11 years old (2006). The builder has given me the option to keep the current upgrades as-is in exchange for a reduction of 25k from the purchase price, OR go with the builder's upgrades which is already included in the original purchase price.

The current upgrades are quite nice and look to be in really good condition but they do look a tad outdated (if you can call upgrades from 2006 outdated). The cabinets are a light brown with the granite counter-tops being a grey color. The same material and color scheme flow throughout the kitchen and bathrooms. I'm also planning to buy a car so the extra money I'd save on the mortgage would help.

If I go with the builder's newer upgrades I'd pay the original price but I'd get newer everything. They'll gut the entire place and put in new quartz counter tops and new sleek looking cabinets through the kitchen and baths. The color scheme is white throughout and it looks really slick and modern. Everything will be new including knobs and hardware, barn doors, gooseneck faucets, etc. The total worth of all the upgrades will be over 25k (although I'm not exactly sure how much). I like the look very much.

Note: For either option they'll throw in new stainless steel appliances. I'll also have to pay for new flooring (separate cost) for each option.

For a long term investment which option is better? I plan to sell the home 4 or 5 years down the road and I'd like to get the most bang for my buck.

Do the newer upgrades increase the value of the home significantly?

If I stick with the older upgrades and then throw in a few thousand dollars before I sell it could I achieve near the same selling price than if I'd gone with the new upgrades?

I realize there are a lot of unknowns and dependencies but I'll take advice in general terms.

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