Can my neighbor build a fence the prevents entry into my home?

We purchased a duplex a year ago + have been renovating it since. This structure is in an up-and-coming neighborhood in San Diego, but there are still a lot of issues w/ the lot + the neighbors.

I only have an 18" side yard setback b/c my lot was subdivided from his @ some point a long time ago. The rear unit (Unit A) was built in 1925 + the entry steps actually cross over his property line. I'm not sure why they did it like this, but we need to cross over to the neighbors lot to enter that unit. It's been like this since we purchased it + probably since it was subdivided.

Well, fast forward a little, the Owner of the neighboring lot is pretty much the worst guy I've ever met IRL. Instead of welcoming us to the neighborhood he's claimed that he has the right to put up a fence directly in front of our entry to Unit A. This adds to a long list of issues (which I'd be happy to share if you're wondering how bad a new neighbor could be).

I'm pretty sure it would be illegal of him to do this, but I'd sure love some confirmation.

Here's a link to the Site Plan so you can understand better. Note: there is no access from the rear, as the neighbors property forms an L shape around the back of our property.

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