Doing a lease back agreement with the sellers of our future home. About a week before closing and no official notice of when they plan to move out. Is it okay to insist on giving us a move out date?

So we agreed to allow the sellers to rent our house after we close until Sept 30, since they plan to move down south. The agreement states that they must give at least a ten day notice if they wish to terminate and move out earlier but so far there has been silence about what their plans are. They have only told us that they were traveling down south to buy a house last week. Since then, no communication whatsoever about how things are going on their end. Its about a week before closing and we would really like to have an idea of when they plan to move out. So far, our agent has been diligent to contact their agent with our questions and requests but their agent seems to be vague and non responsive. This is not an attempt to rush them out but as the closing is getting closer, we would like to have some security in knowing when they will move out. Is it wrong to be persistent and get answers about this matter as quickly as possible? Are there grounds to delay the closing if we cannot get an answer about their move out date?

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