Homes in my area were selling very quickly, then right after we list, things seem to have tanked.

We listed our home for sale on this last Friday, the fourth. Its in a small town 20 minutes out from a major city and the neighborhood has a history of homes selling in a weekend. We priced our home very slightly below comparable homes that had sold recently and we've gotten only one showing. The feedback was literally "Nice home. Not for these buyers." I don't know what, if anything, that we're doing wrong. Here are some things/information about our home.

  • Neutral tones throughout except in two rooms, the children's rooms. Realtor said colors in there weren't crazy and we didn't have to repaint them.

  • All pictures taken off walls, all extra things put away. Each room has minimal things, again with the exception of the kids play room. I boxed up 3/4 of the kids toys, so its not like its a toy explosion in there. Its tidy.

  • Airing out home as much as possible so there are no odors we are used to but are offensive.

  • Home is clean.

  • Home is being advertised by both our agent and ourselves. We are working together on this so its not counterproductive or spammy.

  • Also I have deep cleaned top to bottom.

Any input is appreciated. We really want to get our home sold as we have a contract on another house contingent upon sale of this house. The fact that we've only gotten one showing over the entire weekend is pretty worrying. Our agent is worried as well.

Edited to add that we are in Kansas.

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