To buy, or not to buy…

So here is my situation. I recently graduated college with a degree in Robotics & Automation with zero student loan debt. I also recently got a decent inheritance after turning 25 which I used a portion of as a down payment on a new-used truck. The rest of it is going towards a down payment on a house(13k and growing). Robotics is booming here in Michigan so I make decent money as an entry level Engineer. 40k at the very least, but with overtime and other perks could be much more. I've only been working at this new job for 2 months which I know loaners don't like. My current living situation is not ideal, but manageable for the time being. Mainly because it is dirt cheap. But I would like to move out sooner rather than later. As a single guy who just recently started his career, is it too soon to look into buying a house? Or would it be smarter to just get an apartment?

Also I feel it should be noted that houses in my area (metro detroit) can be got for fairly cheap. I've found some nice houses for under 100k. Smaller apartments usually range from around 800-1000 a month.

More real estate tips at Program Realty Wix site


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