Apartments and Internet

I'm a college student going onto my third year in Tucson, AZ

I've been thinking about moving into a studio apartment since I had a pretty bad experience with one of my roommates in the dorms. This year, my college's roommate-assigning-algorithm-thingy paired me with a person who is the opposite of me by the sound of his profile, and it's making me worried and dread the coming semesters.

In order prevent this from happening again in my fourth year, I've started looking into apartments relatively close to campus. I didn't mind the dorm room set up, so studio apartments drew me in.

During my search, most of the studios I liked were around $400-$500 per month. The cost of staying in the least expensive dorms is now $6000 year round. I feel like I could be saving lot of money, unless I'm missing something important.

A problem my mother has with me not living in the dorms is with internet access. Just in case I need to pay for my own internet or upgrade to a faster speed, I would like to know what factors I need to pay attention to. I'm from a rural community where there are almost no ISPs available to us, so we never dealt with them and are pretty ignorant with ISPs.

Obviously, I'm going to look into jobs this year so that I will have a reliable source of income and possibly dropping to a part time student since I know I won't be able to be full-time student and do a part time job. Don't need to be paying for classes I might not have time for.

My questions: Are there any disadvantages to renting a $400-$500 studio as opposed to staying on campus in one the dorms? Most of the studios I'm looking at are pretty close to campus and most come with utilities that are included in the rent. Is there anything I need to be aware of while looking at these studios? Anything I need to watch out for?

If I need to pay for my own internet, what should I be looking for in an ISP and their plans? Are there plans where there is a set amount of data I can use, just like a cell phone plan? Is the data unlimited but once I pass a certain threshold: -will the speed I pay for be throttled? -will I have to pay for the extra data I used?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Any additional info you think will be helpful is appreciated

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