24, first timer with special conditions


I'm a 24 year old (Single, no dependents) and i am being retired from the military in a few months. I would like to begin my life with a home to call my own, but i don't really know what my options are…

So here's some info. Due to my disability, i'll be receiving $1,500 a month from the VA, which isn't taxed. I will be able to work, so it won't be my only income. I don't know if lenders look at that as "income" when it comes to loans, but that's another tale.

My big question is if anyone has had experience buying real estate with a VA loan, and if it was as great as the liaisons (Salespeople) say. Low interest, no closing costs etc, it all sounds too good to be true.

Also, I know every state has different taxes, and regulations…so basically if you had the chance to buy a house anywhere in the country, where would you go and why? Where is the market most stable, and manageable for someone in my position?

Realistically, would i be a fool to go and buy a house right after getting out? Or should i wait some time before i go into the market?

Thank you friends! Edit: Planning on going to school (Paid for by GI bill) for finance. I'd eventually like to work with mortgages or money in general.

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