Home inspector found extensive mold in attic of the house we are selling, had no mold 5 years ago when we bought the house.

I had a restoration & remediation contractor come out to give an estimate and he immediately pointed out that the ridge vent was not properly installed. He said the roof was not cut back far enough away from the top beam. Should have been 1.5" and it is only 1/2". He said the hot air is just trapped up there and the electric fan in the roof is too close to the ridge vent to even be effective.

When we purchased the home 5 years ago the inspector made zero mention of any attic issues whatsoever and we still have the documentation that reflects that. Is he liable in any way for not pointing this out? I am about to review the contract fine print, I'm sure there is language that limits his liability but I figured I would get some opinions on here while I'm at it.

We have gotten 2 mold remediation quotes so far, first estimates at $8k, 2nd is at $4k with a 2 year warranty. This includes some minor mold issues in the basement as well. Don't have estimate for ridge vent replacement yet, doesn't sound like a major cost in comparison to the mold.


Also if it matters, this is in Indiana.

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