[NC] Buying without a realtor – anything to look out for?

Just to preemptively respond to: Using a realtor is free, the sellers pay

Let's assume the a home is listed for $515k with a real market value of $500k based on comps.

Option Offer Listing Agent Selling Agent Net Proceeds
1 $500 $15 $15 $470
2 $500 $15 $485
3 $485 $14.55 $470.45

Option 1: Traditional transaction
Option 2: I don't use a realtor
Option 3: I can offer lower and the owner still comes out ahead of option 1

Now for things to look out for

  • always use a real estate attorney
  • will I have to deal with agents who want to keep both commissions for themselves?
  • dealing with showings of the home requiring the listing agent to be there to let us in
  • not knowing the neighborhoods as well as a realtor
  • setting up inspections on my own

Anything else?

More real estate tips at Program Realty Wix site


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