Trying to buy Mobile home.. seems suspect

Not sure if this is the right place to post but I need some insight if anyone can help. My aunt is trying to buy a new mobile home in texas. At first everything seemed ok. She spoke to company that sells mobile homes and they told her to add a cosigner so my cousin agreed to be added on there. They provided all the information that was required. They chose the home and they were approved by the bank. The salesman said that everything was ready and he would get the home installed in 2 weeks tops. But then he mentioned extra fees for installation. When my aunt originally spoke to him he told her all those fees would be included in the total price but now he's asking for 5k more plus the downpayment. My aunt reminded him that he said all the fees would be included and he said he couldn't do that. So my aunt told him just to forget it and to return her deposit. She would look elsewhere. Well then he comes back and says that he will pay the fees but that she can't have the home she wants but he had another one available for her. Again she told him to forget it and return her money. She wants what they agreed upon. So after a couple of days he comes back and says fine she can have the home she wants but 2 credit cards need to be paid and closed. When she didn't respond, he emailed my cousin telling him that all they need is to pay off these cards. He has also emailed them asking them for the most recent pay stubs, even though they had already provided 6 months worth plus 2 years of tax returns. Two weeks have turned into a month and still no home. I don't understand what's going on. I figure he's desperate to make this sale but he comes off as unprofessional. My aunt asked me for my advice but becuase I don't know the interworkings of this business I don't know what to tell her. I just need some advice. Thanks.

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