Best places to live in US with the following stipulations?

Hi all! New here. Quora ticked me off with the limited or no detail section to a question. 🙂

In any case, wondered if anyone can help with finding a new place to live!

My BF and I intend to sell our home and want to start completely fresh ANYWHERE in the US.

Preferably we'd like a wooded and private lot with NO HOA, not part of a "community", no nearby neighbors, and all amenities such as phone lines, sewer, water and internet. It needs to be at least .25 acres as we want to build a small home and pool on the property. I'd love for it to be ON the beach but all the lots I have found are over what we're willing to spend on a lot (50k MAX) and not many lots ON the beach are also wooded and private :D. We need for it to be somewhat close to (10 miles max maybe) "civilization" meaning grocery stores, restaurants and hopefully a night-life, but as we do not plan to have kids for a few years, schools are unimportant. Employment in the IT field would be a plus, but not necessary or a deal breaker if it doesn't exist. Economically speaking, median to low cost of living would be a huge plus. Lastly for when we do decide to mingle, we'd like for there to be a diverse community – my BF is white and I'm part Latina, so a mix would be nice.

If anyone knows of a place like this, let me know please. We're open to anywhere in the US as long as it meets all or most of that.

Thank you in advance!!!

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