Home warranty help!

Hi all.

Tldr: moved into house today and AC isn't working and a toilet cracked. Will home warranty cover this? What should I do?

So I just bought my new house and moved in today. The house hadn't been occupied for about 6 months as the previous owner had relocated. I had been in the house a few times before and I left the AC at around 80 degrees. When I moved in today I set it to 72 in all 3 zones and the front doors were open. It was about 95 degrees outside . I thought maybe I froze the line so I turned off the AC for about 3 hours, but it isn't improving.

A toilet tank also cracked and started spewing water. I turned off the water going to it and cleaned it up, but the tank is busted.

I will read my warranty but would either of these be covered? Do I have to go through some special avenue for the AC or can I just call up someone to come out to fix it? I'm a first time home owner so any advice helps!

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