Advice for work on home to put on market in IL

The is for my parents 100 years old home on the edge of Chicago in a good neighborhood. I'm a painter so I've been doing a lot of work sprucing it up and making it look good. There are big faults that I can't just paint. Not sure how much work should be done to finish before putting it on the market.

The basement has a room that is a dirt crawl space. Seems like they made an addition to the room above it and left the dirt. So there is a 270 sq ft dirt crawl space and it becomes a dirt wall. And the wall goes right onto some old wood framing and wood columns, which is not up to code to have dirt on top of.

So those framing and columns would have to be removed and replaced with steel. Other columns in the basement are needing to be replaced too. We did a home radon test from Lowes that said 14, but I'm not sure how accurate that test is.

So we may have to use plastic sheeting they use to encapsulate crawl spaces to entrap the possible radon.

Some work outside with wood touching the ground(not code) needing to be replaced with pressure treated.

So various semi big projects to tackle to bring up to code and remove the eye sores, but how much is worth the investment? Should we wait on dealing with possible radon until a real estate agent does a professional test? Trulia says average listing around the area is $247k.

Thank you, any advice would be helpful.

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