How do I get money from seller for repairs?

I have a purchase to close on tomorrow. The home is for my mom, but I'm handling her affairs. Originally, me and the seller had a verbal agreement that he would leave an antique bedroom set in exchange for me not making any concerns about a crack on the main drainage pipe.

Since that day I have discovered that the house is missing several COs, but none that I would be concerned about too much.

I also did the walk through today and saw that he took the bedroom set from the home. He was not present at the walkthrough.

With the sale tomorrow, what are my options for recouping the cash for any repairs. The main pipe crack is not in the contract, but several appliances are broken and I could ask for money there.

Basically, how do I go about negotiating this on closing day at the table. Its my only option. Understand that I am willing to proceed with the sale even if I am not compensated, but I definitely do not want to mess up the closing because he wont pay for repairs.

The house is a good buy otherwise, I seem like I'm nitpicking and honestly I'd like to see f I could get some money from him, but otherwise would rather just proceed with the sale. What can I do/say? I'm in New York.

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