[MA] Trying to get building plans before closing.

Hello All,

I'm looking for creative ways to get the building plans for the property we are about to purchase (Built in 2012). I've been strung along by the seller and the seller's agent and i know they'll never give it to me. Why? I have no idea, but i'm guessing they are afraid i'll find something he'll need to fix or something that wasn't registered with the city.

Here is what i've tried thus far;

  • I went to city building dept and tried to see what they had on file. Nothing regarding the building plans, just plot plans and permits pulled.

  • I called the plot plan surveying company and they do have it on file, but they called the seller and asked if it was ok to send to me, they said no.

What else can i do? We close in the first week of September and i know once we close we'll never get them.

You may be asking why i want them? Well, because i wan't to know how the house was constructed and what studs are where etc. I just want to have it on file for myself.


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