Warranty Deed Question

New to this forum so please direct me to the right place to ask this. I paid off the house mortgage in 2014 (Wells Fargo) but I'm just now realizing I never received a Deed/Title. Are houses like cars? After paying off a car, you get the title in the mail. Is this normal? I live in Cobb County, Georgia.

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My Granny would like to sell her property, but live on it until she passes away. How can she do this? (TX)

My Granny is looking to sell her property (~15 Acres with ~2,000 SF house) in Kilgore, TX. As far as I know the property is payed off with no leins and all loans payed off. She is looking to sell the property and live the rest of her life on the property with the money she gets from the sale until she passes. My family thinks it is in her best interest to sell the property as well and no one in the family wants the property after she passes. How would she go about doing this?

I am think she would will the buyer the property by putting it in a trust or adding the buyer as an heir in life estate. I know we should meet with an attorney before signing any sort of contract.

How would she go about doing this?

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Thinking of buying our first home. There’s some mould in the bathroom and living room. We think it won’t be expensive to fix, but woulds appreciate advice from somebody with experience.

We're think we can fix this by re-grouting the shower/bath and painting the walls. But we're worried there might be an underlying mould/damp problem further inside the wall.

The person living the flat doesn't seem to care well for it. Smokes in the bedroom, probably never ventilates the bathroom (it has no windows).

Is there anything in the pictures which is a red flag which might indicate more a serious problem?

Note, there was a leak in the flat above at some point, which may have contributed to the peeling of the pain.

Otherwise flat is well insulated, and has a B EPC energy efficiency rating (best is A, worst is F)

Any advice appreciated.

Pics: https://imgur.com/a/WF91E

Property is in London, UK

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Is now a bad time to buy?

We live in NW Chicago suburbs and are selling our condo. There is plenty of interest in our property, and we even received an offer within 7 hours of being on the market. However, I am concerned that there is nothing for us to buy. We were hoping to find a home that is not too big, with a two-car attached garage somewhere within a few nearby towns… and under $300,000.

Even if I search for houses up to $400,000 (well over our budget) this type of house does not seem to exist in any quantity. Most of the houses that are available seem to be the bottom of the barrel, and have been sitting around for months.

I have received advice that there is no point in waiting around since market conditions are likely to remain the same for several years, and even if we save more money over the next year prices will just rise in tandem. I have also received advice that more houses will come on the market after the Super Bowl, but it seems a large risk to sell our home now when there is apparently nothing to buy. And if anything were to appear, I know we will have plenty of competition…

What do you think of the advice I have received so far? Should we proceed with the sale of our home at this time? Will waiting do us any good?

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Question about using rental income to pay expense on another property tax free

Hi –

I am buying a property with cash that has a fees for property taxes and maintenance fees (it’s a condo) of $2k per month. I also am buying a much cheaper rental that will generate a little bit north of $2k per month in income but it will need to have a mortgage on it. Is there anyway to structure it where a company owns both or something so that the maintenance fees etc count as “expenses” against the income instead of keeping them separate paying income tax on the $2k rental income and then using what’s left to pay part of the maintenance for the other property?

Edit: these properties are in two different states but my residence is in NY.

The rental property would have my name and someone else’s on it.

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[US] Local signs of a bubble.

For the last several years, my local market has had 2-3 months of inventory available. That bothered me, but I understood. The housing crash left a lot of people underwater, so I figured there were a lot of people who simply couldn't afford to sell. I also figured that as prices rose, a certain percentage (not all) of those people who finally had equity would sell.

The TV and radio have ads from large companies and local players that say they'll buy your house today for cash with low hassle. At least one says they're ok with negotiating your short sale as part of the deal and give you a moving allowance. Not sure how many properties are moving this way, but my data source says 26% of December closings were cash so I'm treating that as max. While some of those properties are going back on the market, others are becoming rentals.

I can't go a week without hearing an ad on the radio for a seminar to either get rich in rental properties, get rich flipping houses, or get rich wholesaling. That's on top of the dozen TV shows making flipping seem like easy money, one based in my market.

But yesterday I got an email from one of my old title/escrow contacts. Apparently prices on closed properties are up 15% year over year. Now granted, the Dow is up 25%, but this can't possibly be sustainable.

Am I being reasonable? Are there signs of a bubble in your area?

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First time home buyer, FHA loan. Appraisal came through… Fishy.

The appraisal came back short a bedroom, the house is 4bedroom 1 bath. The appraisal has it shown as 3b 1ba and is being comped to other 3b 1ba houses in the area. Also, the house has no garage, but there is a temporary structure on skids that's being used as a carport. Can structures that aren't permitted be included in the appraisal?

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Is it ever economical to build your own home?


Just asking in the abstract, not thinking about doing so at this time.

Obviously the most economical situation would be to find an existing home that already meets all your desired specifications. But if you can't find one, most people would consider renovating an existing home to make it their own. But this can get very expensive. So I'm wondering if it is ever more economical (or at least comparable, or not vastly more expensive) to build your own home.

This could include buying an empty plot of land and building your desired structure on it, or else buying land with a house already on it, knocking that down, and building from scratch. If the latter, are you basically buying two houses?

Lastly, of course building a home is a really intensive, detailed process that requires the buyer to make a million little design decisions. This alone might scare some people off from new construction. But ignoring that and focusing on the financials alone, is there any scenario where building your own home is financially competitive compared to buying and massively renovating?

Edit: By "build your own home", I mean hire professional contractors to do the work. Literally building it yourself would probably be cheap as hell, but most people would be unable to do that.

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