A new career?

I currently have 3 jobs. I am a Starbucks barista, I am a substitute teacher, and I manage my dads rental properties. I’m tired of side hustles and want to build a real career helping people be happy. What better way to do that then helping people find their dream home? Any advice for someone staring out and going through a career change?

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Is it better to keep my mortgage or sell half of my property to my father?

I currently own a condo and had to put down 50% up front for the property, and financed the rest with a 20yr mortgage at 5% interest (this property is not located in the United States). After 2 years, I have actually moved out of the property and am currently renting it out for the exact amount that I pay each month on the mortgage (I currently have a tenant on a yearly lease). I bought the property for $91,000, and the exact model on another floor is now on the market for $100,000.

My father has recently offered to buy off the remaining amount owed on the house (about $43,500 or 48%), in exchange for his percentage of the property, so he would own 48% of the house and I would own 52%. Is this a good deal for me? Or should I continue to pay the mortgage?

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(CA) Buying duplex and living in garage


I'm looking into buying my first property within the next year or so. I am still in school and can't afford a mortgage of more than about $400 per month with my current income. However, I could afford a $150k duplex by renting both units and living in a cheaply converted garage. I have in hand the 5% or 10% down payment but not the 20% asked for pure investment property.

I could basically live for free and passively build equity in the duplex. I plan to live there for at least 3 years while in university.

How should I go about doing this? Could this compromise my mortgage contract somehow? What are the regulations on this kind of living situation?

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Buy or Rent?? 😩

My wife and I are both active duty military and stationed in our desired state but not the city. We hope to be at this base for quiet some time and considered buying rather than renting to have that kind of investment. However, we are going through some pros and cons about buying a property here, in Tucson AZ versus renting a place here and saving up a hefty down payment on our dream, “forever” home in the East Valley of AZ.

I understand that real estate, the economy and stocks and whatever else are very unpredictable in the future and don’t want to lose an opportunity to have an investment In case we want to sell in the future. OR, possibly keep it because the housing in East Valley dramatically increased in the next 5-10 years and we may have that possibility of not being able to afford property there.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Anything we need to take into consideration? TIA.

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purchase blowing up

It's a whole story, but basically the loan will not be approved due to an issue with the house that the sellers agent downplayed to the lender. Despite me mentioning it to the lender and specifically asking if it would affect underwriting, the lender said it was fine (likely due to his communication with sellers agent) and that I was Ok to release contingencies which I did.

Today is closing day and it's not going to happen. Did final walk through yesterday (lender decision was down to the wire) and the expensive built in fridge is non functional. Seller agreed to repair, but will not happen for a week or two. I signed final walkthrough agreement, but listed fridge non functional as an exception to everything being in significantly simlar condition.

Since today is closing day, can I walk and get my deposit back citing the fridge non functioning as the house not being in the same condition? Do I have to give them the opportunity to repair?

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Startup money?

What's the best way to go about acquiring some start-up funds for becoming a real estate agent? Some context: I'm well connected in the community and have business experience but don't have much liquidity on hand (not much debt either, just have other investments). If I wanted to acquire some funds to help get my marketing off the ground, acquire some basic tools such as nice yard signs, cover startup fees, etc., what's the best way to do this?

SBA loan, personal loan, term loan, business credit card?

Side note: do any real estate agents have their own business checking account? Just wondering if that helps as it pertains to tax season, planning for future marketing, etc.


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