Which of these closing cost fees are negotiable?


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[WA] Realtor listed parking garage + additional storage in listing, now I’m being told to park in the storage shed.

First time buyer who literally just closed today and is about to get my keys. I bought this particular condo because it had things like "Parking garage w/ additional storage space" explicitly listed. However, now that the process is done and I'm about to move in, I'm being told by the HOA that my storage shed is actually my designated parking spot, which is bullshit because if I have to park there, not only am I losing that space for storage (which is what it was going to be used for) but I'll also have to pay to have someone remove the doors and dispose of them since I absolutely will not be getting in and out of my car every time I want to pull into and out of the spot just to open and close the shed doors.

This is really frustrating and upsetting, and I don't know what to do.

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First time getting a valuation

Hey! (Apologies for format I'm on mobile)

I've just booked in to get my house valued tomorrow and I have a few questions. The house is being valued for sale but isn't actually going up for sale (to do with lawyers).

So I'm wondering just probably basic questions here. Main one is if they care about mess? (my house of definitely not messy but very loved and lived in on a tight budget).

Does a big garden/driveway add to a property value?

What are they looking at in a property?

My house isn't messy but we are holding a few things for my brother and his kids in a small room (box room) will the mess affect it?

2 bedroom, box room, kitchen/dining room, living room, bottom hall, long top hall and small bathroom.

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Crazy post-closing situation – interested in advice

This is a crazy one.

My wife and I are the sellers on a home and the buyers did a walk through an hour before the closing, where they found a few "personal items" that they wanted removed. This included a lawnmower and grill, that I thought they would want. They wanted it all removed, I agreed to pay them $400 from a personal check to avoid having to go there and remove stuff. On top of that, I had a final reading done with the water company. The buyers apparently had not yet set up their own water account, and because of this, the water company shut off the water (note that they delayed the closing for hours due to the personal items which caused this).

After I already had my in-laws at the house ready to take the stuff, They agreed to the $400 in lieu of removal plus holding $500 in escrow to be released when the water was turned back on. I thought we were all set. My mortgage was paid, my check was mailed, and all parties got paid other than the $500 in escrow which was fine.

Then I get woken up today by my attorney telling me not to deposit any of the checks and that the sellers want to hold the deed and all proceeds in escrow because 1) my in laws apparently took a propane tank when they were at the house thinking they wouldn't want it anyway and 2) there was water in the basement (we had torrential downpour unlike anything I have ever seen for 2 days straight before that).

My question is: do they have any legal standing to tell me not to deposit the checks?? I've never heard of this before, the closing is complete, and this should no longer be my problem. My in laws can bring the tank back if they want it, but my main concern is with the water in the basement.

Has anyone experienced anything like this?

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How do I make sure to get a good price if we sell without listing?

We met a real estate agent at an open house a few months ago and mentioned that we weren't ready to buy because we weren't quite ready to sell our current home, but were thinking about it in the future. We want to move to a larger house that is closer to work but in the same city.

Recently, that realtor contacted me and said that he might be interested in purchasing our home. After visiting our house, he wants to buy it. He didn't give an offer – just said to come back to him with a price to start from.

We live in an area that has homes that range significantly in terms of quality and cost. Remodeled homes are selling very quickly, sometimes above asking price (and above what I would think they are worth). Our house is about in the middle. It has had some updates but is not completely remodeled. Any suggestions on how to make sure we get a fair market price without letting the market decide? Any recommendations (besides asking other realtors what they would list it for?)

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First Rental Listing

Sorry for the "newbieness" but I just got my first rental listing and I really don't want to keep bothering my broker with tedious questions. I am licensed in Virginia. I just started in this industry so naturally I have no idea what I'm doing for the most part. I'm currently in their training program right now. I am smart and learn fairly quickly but no one is here at the office today to actually help me, aside from my broker who I don't want to bother right now. Can anyone give me a basic step by step by step process/flow chart to help me get this property from pre-listing to closing? I'm currently filling in the Exclusive Right to Lease Listing Agreement and got my lockbox already. Once I fill that out and get it signed by my client, what's my next step? and then my next step? Please, please, please and thank you!

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Question about seller’s mortgage payment after closing

I'm selling my house. I was supposed to close early this morning, but I got a phone call from my real estate agent last night asking if we could postpone until Monday because the buyer had something come up. I said ok.

I guess they figured it out though because the buyers went to the abstract office today and signed all their paperwork. I got an email with a closing disclosure on it just a few minutes ago, and my real estate agent said I'm all good to go on Monday whenever I have time. I would have gone today but I work 2nd shift and all this came at me just as I was about to leave.

So my question is this – my mortgage payment is due to be auto drafted tomorrow. Is this going to mess up the closing since they are supposed to be cutting the check now that the buyer has signed, have they already accounted for it, or is it not going to be auto drafted tomorrow?

Been trying to Google this but I can't find the right words I guess because I'm not finding anything.

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