Has anyone actually bought a home they rented with Home Partners of America?

I'm interested in the lease purchase program known as Home Partners of America (www.homepartners.com). I've read various reviews but my main concern (even though I'm in a hot housing market – Suburban Maryland/DC area) is the right to purchase price projected over the course of a few years. I understand this price is not negotiable, and I'm not sure if a house I rent now (which has a much higher right to purchase price than the initial listing price) will appreciate enough in two or three years for me to purchase without having to scrounge up some other funds.

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Investing advice needed.

I am trying to purchase a rental property. I have a choice to purchase couple of properties in the rough part of the city that will net about $1500 a month. Or I can purchase only one property in the nice part of the town that will net about $500. My money spent would be the same.

My initial thought is obviously to go with higher ROI but purchasing in the rough part of the town means undesirable tenants, not much property value growth long term and so on.

Purchasing in the good part just means that I will be trying up my money with not much ROI for potential rent increases and property value growth.

Which is the best way as investor to go?

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Selling my half of my house after 5 months

Quick back story: Moved in August 2017 to my older sisters home after her divorce. I put $15k down cash and pulled out $150k house loan and now I'm part title owner of home. However, sister has been difficult to live with. Have moved out.

Fast forward to now. My credit score went from 760 to 660. My credit cards are over max limit. My money I've saved up is in the house with a house loan I took out. I would like to take my part out of the house and invest it elsewhere (Bitcoin seems to my my current option).

My questions are: how would I go about this? Getting what I put in plus give back my loan? Will selling my half of the home after just 5 months look bad? Advice please

Edit/: I'm investing in Bitcoin because my credit score is destroyed after moving. So while I wait for it to get better and reinvest in another home solely on my name only, I don't want my money to just sit there.

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The 2-years to wait before selling to avoid tax on profit – what date is it based on?

Hi there, real estate gurus. I know you have to "have lived in the residence for at least 2 years" to avoid paying tax on profits, but what is the 2 years based on? Deed date? Official change of address?

I would like to sell my condo (in Atlanta) at the 2 year mark, but I didn't change my address on my license until several months after I bought it. What date is the two year timeline based on?

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In desperate need of a strategy/suggestions. Help!

My fiance and I are in the process of buying a piece of land to build a house on. In October we signed a purchase agreement to buy a piece of land of 15 acres at a cost of $35,000. As part of the purchase agreement we would have 60 days to close provided we put down a $5000 deposit.

We tied the land loan in with our construction loan. We were dealing with a bank who said they had everything all set, but 30 days after the pre-approval for $300,000 for house and land, they decided that they will not issue construction loans anymore and essentially took back their pre-approval. We panicked, but were able to find a new bank within a week. The new bank said that they would have no problem closing on the 60 day mark.

Well here's the problem: the 60 day mark is on Wednesday. We still don't have the buyers disclosure (that requires 3 business day hold). We talked to the bank as they were closing yesterday and they said they can get that to us on Monday morning. After 3 days, that would have us closing on Thursday. The seller is being a total dick. He said that if it has to go into Thursday, then the contract is null and void and we can only have the land if we pay him almost double the price.

What in the world can we do here? We cannot afford the land at that price. We have the money to pay him directly for his land but if we did that we wouldn't be able to make the 20% down payment. So basically, if we don't close on Wednesday we are going to lose our $5k deposit, and in addition to that $1500 for building plans.

Any strategy/tips/suggestions greatly appreciated. We are desperate!

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Final version of the new Tax Bill being finalized with new mortgage interest cap amounts

Now, under a tax-plan agreement reached Wednesday by leaders in the Senate and House, that mortgage-interest cap is raised to a loan amount of $750,000. That’s halfway between the $500,000 proposal in the House and the current limit of $1 million (which had been maintained in a Senate version of the bill).

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[US-MO] Should I try to sell my house to a developer?

I bought my house in suburban St. Louis 4 years ago for about $168,000. It's a small, 2 bed, 1 bath house built in the 60s that was refurbished inside before the previous owner bought it, and for a single guy, is fine.

Since I bought my house, there has been new construction in my neighborhood:

  • New house built 4 houses away on what was an empty lot when I bought mine. Likely around a $400k house

  • The old house next to me was torn down and construction is almost complete on another house that will likely fetch around $400k.

  • Old house across the street from me was town down, new construction to begin any day now. I assume this house will be similar to the other new houses, in size and price

  • Another old house across the street from me is a condemned foreclosure. From what I hear, builders will be purchasing it, and replacing it with a new house. Frankly, just bulldozing that eyesore should increase my property value

I don't really have any real reason to move. I wouldn't mind something with a big, fenced in yard for my dog (my yard isn't fenced or huge, didn't have the dog when I bought the house). But I don't want to move badly enough to go through the hassle of putting my house on the market, fixing what needs to be fixed and keeping it spotless for a showing at a moment's notice.

I'm really hoping a developer comes to my door one day and makes me an offer I can't refuse. My house will be almost surrounded by $400k+ houses, I don't think the people living in them want my comparatively crappy house dragging down their property values. I'm wondering if I should try to reach out to one of the builders working on the houses around me. I don't even know what a realistic offer is. For $200k I'd have to seriously consider it, for $220k I'd have my shit moved out by the end of the week. Is that sort of price even realistic? If a developer builds a $400k house on a lot, what do they generally buy the lot and the house already on it for?

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