Give love to title companies

Guys. I work with an amazing woman who does nothing but try to help. She works tirelessly, I mean a 14 hour day is far too common. Weekends and holidays? What is that? and not for the fact that she doesn’t work fast or efficient. I’ve been in the business for 8 years and I have always thought of myself as the quickest most efficient worker. Nooooopeers. She’s the best and sooo knowledgeable. Guys, Women, give love to ppl who bust their ass and make you feel special around the clock. You’re not, and most of you are scumbags who push work on said woman which is not her job. Go. To. Hell. For those out there who understand or ARE JUST KIND thank you, sincerely.

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I want to move but no money

We live in a 2/1 and it doesn’t have a laundry unit, it’s driving me nuts. It’s currently July, lease is up in December, we live paycheck to paycheck, not able to save at all. Can anyone please advise me in what to do? Don’t have parents who can help, bad credit so can’t take out a loan, and Florida is extremely expensive. We are looking for a 2/2, budget is $1300.

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(Canada) $50 000 Saved – Buy duplex or rent?

Hi all. I'm 22, living at home with my girlfriend, and have $50 000 saved up. We are wanting to move out, and initially we were just going to rent. I stumbled across the advice to buy a duplex, live in one unit with my girlfriend who would pay me rent, and rent out the other unit. This way my monthly payment for a home would build me equity in the property and possibly generate rental income, instead of being wasted on rent. I understand there are a lot of additional costs with purchasing a property (property tax, closing costs, maintenance, the headaches that come from having a tenant, legal costs, opportunity cost etc.) but if we are going to move out anyways and aren't planning to move cities, why not? I'm very ignorant when it comes to this stuff as i've just recently stumbled across it so i'm just trying to learn a little more.

Is this a good idea?


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Hosed by the inspector? I don’t know what to do.

Hello, I am a first time home buyer, and young person who barely knows anything about real estate. I put an offer in on a house and everything was going fine. I put $1000 earnest money down, and ordered the inspection from the guy my realtor suggested. The inspector was almost an entire day late from when he told me he would be there, but then when it finally happened, he went out to the house and video conferenced me to tell me about the issues he found. He mentioned mold under the sink which is scary to me, and that the roof will need to be replaced in less than 5 years. Then he said he hadn't been in the crawl space or inspected the foundation because it was too hot outside. It was about 96 degrees outside at the time.

A day passes and he sends me the report without any mention of the crawl space or foundation, and no mention of the mold whatsoever. I call him and he says that he will need to be paid before he will go back out and inspect the foundation, and that he did not mention anything in the report about mold because he is "not an environmental expert." I talk to my realtor about getting an extension on the inspection date, and she is completely hostile toward me suggesting that the inspector was late or that he mentioned mold that he did not put in his report. She agrees to put in the paperwork for the extension, but I get the feeling that she is pissed.

So now I have a few problems. The inspector sent out an incomplete report and is holding me hostage to get the rest of the report done (the report that he already sent out). The realtor thinks I am lying about there being mold found in the house that is not on the report. I feel like I am in the middle of being scammed, but I don't know enough about the process to know for sure.

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Can seller’s cancel a transaction because we are going to miss closing by a day or two?

We were set to close this coming Wednesday (7/24) and the appraisal wasn't done until the last Wednesday and as of end of business Friday, the report still wasn't back to the bank. This was when it was due. So now we will not have the required 72 hours from signing the closing disclosure.

There are multiple emails and updates from the bank that all say were just waiting on appraisal. Also our rate lock expires on Thursday 7/25.

Can the seller be a jerk and just back out? And what can we do if we miss the rate lock?

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Summer attire

Alright everyone, so it hit 119 degrees here today and I was out showing properties, in pants, and I wanted to die. Is there a professional way to wear shorts in the summer in the desert? I never want clients to not take me seriously but I also feel like they think I’m an idiot when I show up in pants to a showing when it’s 110+. What does everyone think?

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First Time Buyer – No Realtor – Possible Land Issue

We weren't planning on buying a house anytime soon however, something came up and an offer we really shouldn't turn down came along with it.

However, the county tax records show this blurb under assessment remarks


The county assessment on the house+land = 232,000.00
Seller is selling to us for 200,000.00 and we pay closing costs.

We are signing a Purchase Agreement with an addendum that gives us an out if something comes back stating that we cannot add improvements.

Do we run away?

We are trying to do this as low cost as possible — no realtor involved – friend of a friend's dad died and left the wife a house with a tenant in it. Tenant passed away a year later. Wife just wants out of having an extra mortgage.

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Key system for rentals


I wanted to ask you guys if there's a key system you recommend for rentals where tenants has sub-key and you have the master one. I once saw a user post a brand but have since lost the bookmark.

Any tips would be appreciated, thank you!

Also, I posted this on REinvest to get more input hope that's not a problem. Thank you and have an awesome day.

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