Are there any alternatives to a Hubbard clause? Looking at a foreclosure but need to sell my house first. Bank obviously won’t accept Hubbard-any suggestions?

Live in CT

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Father owns a flipped home, addition might not have a permit?

I’m not sure if this is the right place or where to ask…

My father owns a beautifully restored brick colonial that was roughly 2K square feet. It has an addition that added about 1K square feet. It bumped out the kitchen, added a family room, a bathroom/utility room and a master bath and closet upstairs.

There’s a couple issues with the addition. First, it’s “sinking”? It has to either be raised or whatever. The floor is starting to slant, baseboards and ceiling cracking, etc. We haven’t looked into it fully yet. I don’t know if there’s any legal action for that. But some of the work seems shoddy once you look beyond the pretty finishes.

Secondly, the a biggest issue is that it seems that the addition isn’t permitted. However, new the garage and driveway, deck and various remodeled rooms are permitted. Is this possible? How can they add such a large addition and not have it permitted? The city hall could not find any permitting for the new structure. What can my dad do and what will he have to do if it’s not permitted? There was one person who lived in it before him after the flip. Previous owner only lived there for a couple years before moving for a new job. He’s been there for almost 3. The house was flipped roughly 5-6 years ago.

Any advice would be helpful. My dads end goal is that he wants to move out of the house to a smaller. He moved in on a whim after some major life changes.

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Buying a vacation home?

Helping my parents look for a vacation home in Florida.

We all love the west coast. Looking in Sarasota/Bradenton Beach area and Captiva but it’s pretty pricey for a 4 bedroom(they don’t wanna spend more than $500k)

Is there any areas that are on the beach but not too expensive?

Also is there a law on renting it out? Like if we wanted to use it for 3 weeks out of the year but rent it the rest? Ideally they’d use the rental to “pay it off” as they put it and once it’s paid off they’ll stop renting it.

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Halp. Searching for a very specific home type. I think I’m screwed. 😂

My husband and I have looked for mid century modern homes in almost every state and coming up with very low numbers with the specifics we're shopping for.
I also don't want the home updated and white washed, its depressing. I've shopped Zillow, circaoldhomes (or whatever it's called), and Google.
It's there a hidden or specific site or should I just go speak to a realtor because they'll know about houses I can't see online?

Stuck and maybe a little rushed.
Any help is good help! (For Tx, Co, Nv)

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[CAN] Apartment conditionally sold when strata notified of recently discovered structural deficiencies.

Using a throwaway account. I received an offer on my apartment a couple weeks earlier and the buyer needed some time to organize the financing. The strata notified residents today that there are some structural deficiencies that will require repair and that a town hall meeting will be held in about a month for all owners and residents. Am I legally required to disclosed this to the buyer?

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Lead Paint Negotiations

I am really interested in putting an offer on an old Chicago bungalow that is about 100 years old and doesn’t look like it’s ever been remodeled and the windows are old wood ones (that I would want to immediately replace). My realtor told me he has never had any clients request lead paint testing but I want it done.

Let’s say the house is priced at $300K and they accept my offer of $291K. If lead testing is positive, how much could this affect the value of a home? Are sellers willing to negotiate due to that? My goal is to make it safe, not screw anyone over, but at the same time I don’t want to be screwed in the future if I try to sell it or if I have kids.

I have heard that paint is only an issue if kids eat it or it’s chipping. But I knew someone whose kids (8-13 yrs old) had high lead levels due to their home and they hadn’t been doing any remodel or anything!

Advice. Please!

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Appraisal Language in Discloser?

Quick question… currently in contract to purchase a home. The contract price is 180k. The appraisal is set for next week, but before we can move forward the mortgage lender is asking that I e-sign these documents. Within is the "Borrower Certification" which states "I have been informed that ($180,000) is: the statement of appraised value as determined by HUD/FHA."

I spoke to the lender regarding this and she assured me, oh no, that is simply the expected appraisal. But then… why does the language differ? Why doesn't it explicitly state "suggested value", "contract value", or "estimated value"? And why must it be signed prior to the actual appraisal?

I don't see why I should have to sign this prior to an appraisal report in hand, or why the value can't be "$0.00" until the actual value is determined. Essentially, I have the gut feeling this house is way over priced, and the appraisal will not match. The way this reads to me, however, is that the appraisal has already been determined at 180k and I'm signing my acknowledgement of this value.

I am a first time home buyer. I don't know what the hell I'm doing. But I've taken extra precaution every step of the way in this process. Everyone I've shown this to says they would definitely not sign it. Any thoughts? Am I wrong? I'd appreciate any insight.

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